Update on the updates

Afternoon beautiful peeps!

Since I left London almost 3 months ago (wow!) I’ve struggled to find time on the road to write many blog updates (read: none) and while photos in interesting places are very instant they don’t really give you much of an insight into the experiences I’ve been having.

Before I continue my travels further east I’m taking 2 weeks to reflect on the journey so far and to share some of these adventures with you all.

I’ve found myself a lovely roof top flat in Istanbul where I’ll be updating the exploremoreproject.com website (when I eventually stop staring out the window) with short blog posts and videos of both the interviews I’ve done and some more personal videos of the journey itself. I’ll try to keep them brief (for all us modern day a.d.d kids).

Hope you enjoy it as much as I have



If you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know. A x

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