On my final night in Istanbul I was invited to talk on student radio about my adventures as part of Radyo Vesaire‘s Globetrotter travel show. I had a great time speaking with the host Nilce Bıçakcıoğlu and my fellow guest Tina Dahmen from World Study Travels. I even got to play a few of the tunes that have been stuck in my head while cycling across Europe:

New Killer Star – David Bowie

Mojo Pin – Jeff Buckley

Hey Brother, Pour the Wine – Dean Martin

Gypsy Woman – Crystal Waters

Great Southern Land – Icehouse

You can download the mp3 here – Aaron Austin-Glen – Radyo Vesaire 

My chat starts 62 minutes into the show on the Mixcloud player below:

10387050_649353838514769_4860220367008166819_o IMG_5105 DCIM102GOPRO


If you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know. A x

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