As most of you know I’ve been involved with Lightyear Foundation for the last few years helping to organise our practical science teaching activities in Ghana and generally making lots of awesome stuff happen. Our latest project is the most ambitious to date and we are calling for backing for our Kickstarter campaign to bring Lab_13 to Ghana!

So, for the first time since leaving London I’m asking you to show your support for my efforts by donating to this Kickstarter.

I’ve now cycled over 5000km ON A BICYCLE! This week after 4 months on the road I will say goodbye to Turkey and cross into Georgia, my 15th country. Do you even know where Georgia is?! This will be the only time I will ask for you to reach into your pockets for the next 5000km or more so please give what you can now. Sell a your couch, car or dairy cow if you have to but please donate.

The Project

Lab_13 is a proven model for science education in resource-constrained environments.

We will engage six Scientists in Residence to create Lab_13 in the Bosumtwe District in Ghana

  • Activities for children to gain deeper understanding of science in their everyday lives
  • Support for teachers to build confidence and find new ways to teach science
  • Creation of space for cruiosity-led, hands-on science within the community
  • Engagement with 160 primary schools and 70 Junior High schools
  • Establishment of a Lab_13 Ghana Board to have local ownership of the project
  • Recruitment of 2 international and 4 Ghanaian Scientists in Residence
  • Development of a robust monitoring and evaluation to provide evidence of impact

You have until Saturday 22nd of November to do the right thing otherwise my moustachioed friend in a fez will be knocking on your door.

Teşekkür Ederim

(Thank you)

A x

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If you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know. A x

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