We found silence in Iran! (Part one)

Dharma bums on bikes

Our aim for the night was an old village called Toodeshk, 90km on the road to Yadz. There we had a warmshower host Reza, his wife and Mohammed waiting for us. They started hosting cyclists 14 years ago when the road to Pakistan was still open and everybody was heading East from Esfahan. Not many cyclists go that way nowadays. However they now have a guest house where they receive many tourists seeking quiet time and organise camps in the sand dunes. They kept touring cyclists in a special category that were keen on continuing to host, like in the old times. Lucky us!


Reza’ s wife was making a Persian carpet she will take two years to complete. She was working with an astonishing concentration and dexterity.


Mohammed told us about the sand dunes and a desert way to go to Yazd. It didn’t take long for us to…

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