We found silence in Iran! (Part three)

Dharma bums on bikes

Other pictures from Aaron:


Our first morning of the year was one of the most delicious. It was Meditation, yoga or photographic contemplation on the roof of the caravanserai, welcoming the warmth of the sun on our salty skins as it rose again that morning, like it does every morning regardless of our fragile and limited man made calendars especially our western calendar where new year does not correspond to anything really…



As we were packing up, a car entered into the court yard. We were a bit disappointed not to have had the magic place just for us until we leave. This is Iran, people are everywhere. It became a bit weird when the duo coming out of the car approached us and instead of the usual “where are you from?” One of them, wearing sandals went straight to Aaron and said “Australia? “.
“Yes, how do you know?”…

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