We found silence in Iran! (Part two)

Dharma bums on bikes

Playtime in the dunes! Solar cream and hats were back in our daily routine.





We climbed up the first range of dunes to get a view on what was behind and surprise, there were some higher dunes! We had potentially a long day of riding on a dirt track so after some neck breaking acrobatics we headed back towards our bicycles, wishing them ( and you) a happy new year!


As we were crossing back the river, a farmer invited us for tea. He showed us the irrigation system he had to grow green things in the desert! Again we refilled our water bottles and around  the first bend of the road, we discovered the long straight line we would be on a large part of the day (60km).

There were several quarries on each side of the road and actually a few cars and couple of trucks passing us…

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