On the Road – Part 2: Nuremberg to Ljubljana

It’s not quite the Sound of Music but it does involve singing and cycling across the Alps. Here is the second instalment of that guy on a bike in a grey t-shirt. No sign of Ruud in this one but still pretty crazy. Hope you enjoy it x



In the first week of the journey I eased into my new life by cycling across the low lands of the Netherlands and along the banks of the Rhine. There were undulations and small hills along the way but nothing that I considered a real climb.

As I left the the Rhine valley and turned east in search of the River Main I found myself facing the first of many short but testing hills. As you can see from the photograph (taken half way up), it doesn’t look all that daunting but after a week of pancake flat cycle paths it presented the first real physical challenge of the trip.

By the time I had struggled the 40kg of bicycle and belongings to the top of the 10% gradient I was seriously doubting whether I’d ever be able to traverse the rolling countryside that lay in front of me toward Nuremberg, let alone the infinitely tougher mountain passes that I would no doubt face in the Swiss Alps.

Since that first hill in the German countryside 12 weeks ago, I’ve cycled 4000km to Istanbul and ridden over the Alps, the Balkans and every other mountain pass that each road lead me to the foot of. In that time I’ve climbed 54km in altitude (straight up!) and now have the confidence and the strength to make it over any mountain no matter how high or how long the climb.

It all begins with just getting over the first hill. The rest is easy

On the Road – Part 1: London to Nuremberg

After 3 months on the road it’s time to share with you some of the wonderful experiences I’ve had so far.

Although I’ve filmed a lot of the journey for personal record, most of this footage was never intended to be seen by anyone else until I realised that it’s the best way to share what I’ve been up to with my friends. Constantly saying ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing’ to everyone doesn’t really cover it.

The first of these videos captures some random and rather silly moments during the 10 days from London to Nuremberg. These first tentative steps across the Netherlands & Germany seem like an absolute age away already as so much has happened since. In revisiting these recordings I can clearly see the uncertainty and doubt of the task ahead thinly disguised behind my surface level observations and silly jokes. It also allows me to reflect on how I’ve changed throughout the journey and I hope that the future videos will allow you to see these changes as well.

I’ll follow this up with parts 2 & 3 and some more interviews in the next few days.

I hope it makes you smile.

Part 1: London to Nuremberg