Get Beard, Get Weird

1 Month Face Fur Update

After 2000km, Henry is now sporting a fine swathe of sun bleached facial follicles on his African pub crawl. Currently in Zambia having crossed the scorching desert of Namibia and successfully run the gauntlet of the Kalahari game reserve of Botswana, his only concern is the copious amounts of bushman’s heroin that he has been ingesting. Last seen precariously close to the edge of Victoria Falls shouting ‘Don’t make me come down there’ he fears that he may never see his face again.

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Aaron currently has a wire brush for a face. He reaches for the razor each morning but cannot bear the thought of Henry’s smug fuzz face laughing at him in the mirror despite this added wind resistance markedly hampering his progress east since leaving Istanbul 1000km ago. Living in Tbilisi, Georgia for the past two weeks in a state of semi-hibernation, it appears as if he has synchronised his complacent attitude with the falling temperatures. Visa issues, bad weather and mountainous terrain are the excuses bandied about by this lazy ‘orospu çocuğu‘ but many suspect that he has fallen for the charms of a gorgeous Georgian.

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Two weeks ago I was getting ready to leave Istanbul and continue my journey east. At the same time my good friend Henry Williams was about to leave Cape Town and travel north for the next two months through the African continent on his own cycling adventure.

We had shared various tips on equipment and how to approach such a physical endeavour but one of the weirder discussions was whether it was best to shave or not. It didn’t take long for our childish minds to turn this into a challenge and a the following day agreed to have synchronised clean shaves… and then not shave for the next two months.

If I’m going to grow a beard then this is the best part of the world to do it I suppose.

More hairy updates and crazy eyes to follow.